Frequently Asked Questions

Are you ready to celebrate in Branson?

  1. Do your prices include sales tax?

    ALL of our Package Prices and Show Ticket/Attraction prices INCLUDE sales tax.

    Some companies may quote a price that may appear lower than our quoted price, however when you add in the sales tax / Service Fees and/or Add-On fees they charge, our prices speak for themselves.

  2. Do you have a Service Charge or any Add-On fees?

    We do NOT charge ANY Service, Convenience, Processing or Add-On fees. The price we quote is the TOTAL price...period.

  3. What is your Cancellation Policy?

    This is a very important question to ask and compare other company policies with ours. Our Cancellation Policy is simple and fair.

    CANCELLATION: Cancellation of reservations is available up to 72 hours prior to arrival, based on hotel check in time or first show time, whichever is earliest. A cancellation fee of 10% will be retained. Within 72 hours, no refund is guaranteed. If authorized by lodging facility or theater, we will refund all possible, minus our cancellation fees. You must receive a cancellation number for this cancel request to be valid. We will attempt to meet all "Special Requests", however they are NOT guaranteed and subject to availability.

    None of us plan on having to cancel our vacation, but if you do and it is more than 72 hours from your arrival date, we offer you a choice:

    • NO CANCELLATION Fee and we will provide you with a Gift Certificate in the same amount of your purchase. You may use the Certificate to make your next Branson vacation plans through us within the following 12 months.
    • Charge a flat amount of 10% and immediately credit back your account.

    Cancellations within 72 hours of arrival:

    We have very good relationships with most of the Lodging and Theaters in Branson. We will ask them to cancel your reservation and to waive the cost. If they do, we pass the savings onto you (less the 10% cancellation fee). We will only charge you the full amount for any Lodging or Theater that charges us.

    We sell all of our Lodging and many Shows and Attractions at discount prices and we do NOT add any type of Service fee or Add-On fees. The Cancellation fee is to help us recapture some of our cost of doing business such as Credit Card fees (and Credit Card fees when we credit back your card), long distance calls, the time to make all of your reservations and the time to cancel all of your reservations.

    Changes to your order:

    There is a real cost to us when making changes to orders and we want to keep the cost low for everyone. So our "Change Order" policy is:

    • We will make the first change at "No Charge".
    • Changes after that will be charged $1.50 per show ticket and $10 per room night.

    Note: "Changes" are adjusting dates and/or times.

    ** Any changes or cancellations for Arrivals within 72 hours see Cancellation Policy

    "No Questions Asked Trip Protection"

    "No Questions Asked Trip Protection" may be purchased with any order from Branson Tourism Center for a flat rate of $19.95 (tax included). This allows you to cancel any portion or all of your order for any reason up until noon on the earliest date of your itinerary with absolutely no cancellation fee and a full refund of items purchased on your itinerary (the purchase price of $19.95 is non-refundable).

    "No Questions Asked Trip Protection" can be purchased at any time up until 72 hours before your date of arrival. When booking your vacation simply tell your vacation agent you would like to add the "No Questions Asked Trip Protection" to your purchase.

    Within 72 hours of arrival, Trip Protection is not available for purchase, whether in conjunction with an order or individually added to a previous order. If you have not purchased Trip Protection, the standard cancellation policy remains in effect.

    Even if your order includes "No Questions Asked Trip Protection," after noon on the earliest date of your itinerary (arrival date), the standard cancellation policy (outlined above) will go in effect.

    "No Questions Asked Trip Protection" is non-refundable and has no cash value.

    How Do I Use the "No Questions Asked Trip Protection"?

    "No Questions Asked Trip Protection" gives you peace of mind when needing to cancel any portion or your entire vacation prior to noon on the earliest date of your itinerary. You must call prior to noon on the earliest day of your itinerary in order to receive the benefits of "No Questions Asked Trip Protection". If you call after noon on the earliest day of your itinerary you will be subject to our standard cancellation policy.

    What does the "No Questions Asked Trip Protection" cover?

    "No Questions Asked Trip Protection" covers items purchased from Branson Tourism Center, and does not cover any other travel expenses you may incur. "No Questions Asked Trip Protection" does not cover any purchases made through Branson Travel Agency such as airline tickets or rental car reservations.

    If you have more questions concerning our "No Questions Asked Trip Protection" please call us at 1-800-785-1550 and one of our vacation specialists will be glad to help you!

  4. What is your Privacy Policy?

    Branson Tourism Center values the privacy of our customers and their information. Please click on the link below to view our privacy policy.

    Click here to view our Privacy Policy

  5. Why do I get voice mail when I call during business hours?

    We pride ourselves on customer service and we spend the time necessary with each customer to answer all of their questions. We ask that you are patient and know that we will give you the same courtesy when we are on the phone with you. Leave a voice mail message and we will return your call as promptly as possible or if you prefer you may wait a few minutes and call us back. You will be glad you waited because we save thousands of customers, just like you, a lot of time and money and we will enhance your Branson vacation experience.

  6. When will our credit or debit card be charged?

    Once all your lodging and/or show tickets have been confirmed we do charge your credit or debit card. This is done prior to your arrival which allows us to secure the best possible seating or lodging.

  7. How long does it take to get my Confirmation letter?

    Our goal is have your Confirmation letter sent to you within a week of receiving your order. If you have provided us with an e-mail address, we will e-mail it to you, otherwise it will be mailed to you. If your arrival date is less than 7 days from your order date, we will expedite this process.

  8. How can you sell me lodging and show tickets at a discount if you do not charge a Service Fee?

    We purchase thousands and thousands of hotel rooms and show tickets each year. We receive a "Bulk Rate" discount and pass some of the savings on to you.